Elevate yourself, with art.


The origami jewelry that you wear elevates a special tradition of Japanese art. Each pair of earrings you wear or gift is handmade with integrity and the highest efforts. And it always will be. These earrings are inspired by Clio’s experience attending high school in Japan, where, despite the language barrier, she connected with people through folding paper origami creations.

From the Founder

“For me, the truest expression of Creations By Clio is feeling connected to yourself and the community around you. That’s the power of art. The foundation for launching these handmade origami creations was inspired by when I attended high school in Japan at age 16. I folded origami with the other students and we bonded over Japanese art. While there was a strong language barrier, art was our unifying connector. This inspired me to later make and share origami as jewelry. When you wear these handcrafted earrings, you are elevating the beautiful tradition of Japanese paper art. As an artist, fostering this sense of connection between people across cultures is core to my creative vision."

- Clio Smith