Our Story

About the Artist

Clio (b. 2001) is a fine artist and jewelry designer raised in Northern California and based in New York. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2023 and now lives and works in Manhattan. Clio creates realistic pieces based on what she sees and experiences in her life, detailing her emotions and memory observations of atmosphere and feeling. Having grown up in four countries, she infuses her cultural observations and international learnings into her art. Her origami jewelry is inspired by when she attended high school in Japan and folded origami with people there. She then launched this origami jewelry brand in college. 

How it Started

Always creative and interested in jewelry and fashion, Clio taught herself origami and turned these mini origami creations into earrings. Later, Clio attended high school in Japan and continued to fold origami there with her friends. This deepened her connection to Japanese traditional art.

In her freshman year of college, she sold her origami earrings at a philanthropy event to raise money for college. She sold out all earrings in a few hours and soon, this brand was born. Since then, Clio has partnered with content creators, launched in boutiques, and shared her earrings and fine art via social media with women across the country. Her art is currently sold online and in small retailers with plans to expand to more boutiques across the country.

Creative Inspiration

These unique, handcrafted origami earrings are inspired by when Clio lived in Japan as an exchange student at age 16. She folded different origami with her friends there at her high school. Although they didn't speak the same language, they spoke the universal language of art. They connected through folding paper into beautiful creations, and now Clio continues this cultural tradition.