Fusing contemporary design with traditional art

Enjoy these handmade earrings as a gift for yourself or for a loved one.

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This collection is a special assortment of earrings. It's a result of me creating... 

From the original launch in 2020

  • Sameeha, @sameeha.afrin

    "I've been following Clio's art pages on various social platforms for many years now and am continuously stunned and inspired by her artwork. Whether it be paintings, miniature architecture, clothing, or origami earrings, Clio's creations tell the stories of the places she has been, the cultures she experienced, and the incredible people in her life. I think her ingenuity in fusing her cultural experiences with progressive fashion is what makes her brand so motivational and beautiful."

  • Michelle, @omiyage_oldtownauburn

    "Your origami earring designs have by far exceeded my expectations, they are so pretty and very well made. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art with me and the customers of Omiyage! They are absolutely stunning! I feel so blessed to have you as one of my favorite vendors. 

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