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Artist Statement

Clio Smith, who lives and works in New York City, is focused on portraying intimacy and vulnerability. She paints vibrant, colorful still lifes of seemingly mundane, overlooked elements in different households. She focuses on showing scenes of homes in various countries, integrating evolving technology, tradition, and culture. Her works reveal behaviors and personalities of the homeowners that are often hidden from the public sphere. Clio’s art is informed by her own multicultural upbringing and journey to understand different lifestyles and cultural heritage. 

For example “American Kitchen” presents stacks of pots, pans, and kitchen equipment atop a large stove. The amount of items, some which are identical, renders the stove unable to be even used, hinting at the homeowner’s relationship with cooking and consumption. Whereas “My Chinese Grandma’s Kitchen” shows a primitive yet tidy sink space, the many appliances stored on the large stove in the first painting are underutilized. This stove is a luxury to some cultures, but an expectation, often taken for granted, in a modern American home.

  • Intimate, Treasured Space

    Acrylic, 12x16

  • Fluorescent, Overlooked Rainbow

    Acrylic, 11x14

  • First Interaction after Coming Home

    Acrylic, 11x14

  • My Chinese Grandma's Kitchen

    Acrylic, 16x22

  • Baking my Grandma's Recipe

    Acrylic, 18x24

  • Work at Home

    Acrylic, 11x14

  • Frozen in Time

    Acrylic, 16x22

  • American Kitchen

    Acrylic, 16x22

  • Carrying on my Grandma's Art

    Acrylic, 7x11

  • Fuzzy Shoes, Inside and Outside

    Acrylic, 11x14

  • Love for my Mom's Potted Plants

    Acrylic, 11x14

  • Rainy Day in Shanghai

    Acrylic, 16x22

  • Hanging our Clothes to Dry

    Acrylic, 11x14

  • Beach Hopping in Mykonos, Greece

    Oil, 9x12

  • Daily Running Spot in Aachen, Germany

    Oil, 9x12

  • Music til the Morning in Warsaw, Poland

    Oil, 9x12

  • Companionship Long Distance in Dublin, Ireland

    Oil, 9x12

Clio draws inspiration from family heritage and cultural history to create portraits using oil paint and charcoal. She incorporates symbolic elements and references family and individual photographs, weaving a person’s life stories and personality into the piece of art and transforming each portrait into a personal narrative.

  • Teach Me, Grandpa

    Charcoal, 18x24

  • The Smith Brothers

    Charcoal, 18x24

  • My Grandpa Adolph

    Charcoal, 16x22

  • My Father Planning his Future

    Charcoal, 24x18

  • Becoming my Mom

    Oil, 18x24

  • Side Profile of a Woman, Live Study

    Oil, 20x20

  • 1910: My German Great Grandmother Gazing into the Future

    Acrylic, 18x24

  • Japan: The Beginning of my Journey, Self Portrait

    Acrylic, 48x36

  • Picking a Mango or Finding Joy in Brazil, Self Portrait

    Acrylic, 10x18

  • Ange, my Inspirational Grandma

    Acrylic, 16x22

As an avid outdoor adventurer, Clio paints realistic landscapes of nature areas she is strongly connected to, bringing in a vibrant color scheme to emphasize the beauty of natural life. Through her art, Clio expresses her gratitude and excitement for her life experiences.

  • Skipping Down to the Beach, Bodega Bay

    Oil, 24x36

  • Hiking the Firetrails in Berkeley

    Oil, 16x20

  • Backpacking in Shasta

    Acrylic, 9x12

  • Visiting Family in Ashland

    Acrylic, 12x16